How websites work

I’ve been asked this a lot recently so I thought I’d take my scribbles from the back of a napkin and share it :) This is a simplified version of how the technical stuff fits together… Lesleigh RossOver the last decade Lesleigh Ross has been leading project and change teams in complex delivery environments and…

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How many ways do you split?

Split Testing

What makes you open an email? Do you do that last minute email check before you head off to bed? Maybe I’m just weird? I normally skim the sender, subject line and I have the mini-preview setting on my primary inbox……I know, I know, I should be off and counting z’s. Some subject lines are just too tempting! Do you know what makes your readers open up?

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Are you LinkedIn?


LinkedIn has grown and evolved a lot over the past few years. I seem to be talking about it more and more as a viable social media channel with clients and colleagues. Admittedly, I don’t post a lot on my LinkedIn profile; I joined in 2009 because that’s what everyone was doing and I like playing with new toys. The way I use LinkedIn in 2012 is very different to how I used it when I first joined. Like most social media channels, it’s grown and evolved into a useful tool. I login most days to the industry headlines that trend and I use it a lot for research.

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