Does Social Media make Good Goodier?

goodifyBrett Howlett, ECD Ogilvy Sydney promises that, “the ‘Goodest Get Together’ is just the beginning of big changes for KFC”. Social media has formed the backbone of the start of the Goodification campaign—does it make good, gooder though?

Like most Aussie kids, I grew up with the idea of ‘finger licking good’ chicken and treat night goodness. Now even though I know it’s clogging my arteries, there is something nostalgic about their chicken… which I’m sure was one of the drivers of their teaser campaign/competition they ran on Facebook late last year—‘The Goodest Get Together’.

In late 2011, Ogilvy & Mather, on behalf of KFC, kicked of a social media campaign (Facebook and YouTube) which was prodded slightly by a television ad offering you a chance to win a get together with 100 of your closet friends for anywhere around the world for KFC meal. I missed out on the beginning of the campaign so I’m not sure what the terms and conditions were other than you enter for the chance to have 100 friends flown from anywhere around the globe for a sit down KFC dinner.

We’re seeing more and more brands shifting their teaser campaigns to social media like Facebook. Why? It’s a really dynamic two-way media which is easy to use and it’s not the company spamming the consumers, it’s the consumers spamming their friends! Ingenious really :) (and I’m politely ignoring the infuriating and endless Facebook game requests that you can never freaking block!)

At the end of the day it is still widely understood that referral-based marketing is the most successful form of marketing for any business. Social media makes this even more accessible and on a much larger scale.

From the teaser campaign/competition Ogilvy & Mather have continued to build on the concept of “it’s gooderer if you share it with mates. It’s all part of the process of goodification.”

The campaign is just kicking off and without the campaign statistics etc. we won’t really know how ‘gooder’ it got for KFC using social media. In saying that KFC received 407 072 Facebook page likes, and there were 6 410 people were talking about KFC Australia on Facebook at the time of writing this post. That’s 407 072 warm-to-hot leads they can ‘talk’ directly to about their product every time they update their Facebook Page status. I would say that’s a good thing for KFC?

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