Integrating tradition into goodification

Traditional vs Digital

As part of one of my assignments this semester I’ve had to review and analyse a current integrated marketing campaign. I haven’t really spoken about the traditional media they’ve used, so let’s have a look at it.

It’s no secret I prefer online media. This doesn’t mean that I don’t use traditional media techniques in my campaigns. Of course I do. It’s about using the most effective ways to communicate with your audience, not about my personal preference.

Traditional vs DigitalIn saying that, I’ve never done ad-buys with billboards and mass signage. It’s never been a relevant technique for me to use nor have I had the budget to spend. Is it effective for KFC getting ‘goodfied’? I don’t have the metrics. What I can offer though is the billboards and public transport campaigns I have seen (being a slack student still haven’t photographed them and haven’t come across the visuals online yet) all direct people online.

This isn’t a new concept. Mass media techniques like billboards are there to inform consumers and direct them to buy or give them a place to find more information to assist them along with buying the product. In life before the internet people called 1300/1800 numbers or wrote in for a sales pack.

1300/1800 techniques are still used successfully and sales packs tend to be more online now though. I tend not to work a lot with the over 55 market, so I won’t comment on how that impacts their buying decisions with promotions directing consumers online. I just don’t know the metrics to provide any value.

Back to KFC though. Has it been effective? In terms of raising awareness of the campaign, sure. Those billboard and transport campaigns expose 10s of thousands of people every day. In terms of conversion, I touched on this in my Goodification Revisited post.

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